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Lana Fokina is pleased to offer you family and portrait photography,

premium handmade albums, and wall art that will preserve the history of your photos.

You can pass them on from generation to generation

as priceless family heirlooms.

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Hi, let me introduce myself!)
My name is Lana Fokina, and I am a family and portrait photographer in Miami.
For ten years of experience in photography, I have gone through a path of search, trial, and error, which led to an understanding of what I love and "what I am about." I have formed my style and approach to work during this time, which now helps me create timeless photos for you, filled with sincerity and purity.


Having worked in the fashion industry in the past, I have developed a sense of style and taste, thanks to which I can easily find the perfect look for you. You can trust me and be sure that you will look noble and elegant at the photo session.


A family photo is more than just a beautiful picture of you laughing or hugging. For me, this is therapy for the resurrection of love. Since I am a mother and wife myself, I know how difficult it can be in family relationships. There are many worries, but photography helps to cut off everything unnecessary and focus on the main thing - love.


When you flip through a family album, you no longer remember those anxieties or resentments you experienced. You see only love and remember love, which means you are filled with it more and more.

That's why family photography and albums have become my passion.


Over the years of my experience, I have carefully studied various album production companies and selected the best to offer to you. Your photos can live forever in high-quality albums and be passed around like a family heirloom.


For more than 15 years, I have been studying and practicing Psychogenetics of Human Behavior, and spiritual principles are the basis for building my business, service, and interaction with my clients. My goal is to give you the best of what I know and can do. And it's much more than just a photoshoot. It's about how to provide you with the love that you will stay with forever.




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