The experience

I'm glad you like my work style, and I'll have the pleasure of making such beautiful portraits for you. I offer my clients a premium service that includes full support from start to finish.


First, we start by discussing your wishes and ideas for a photo session, and after that, I'll offer you my vision of how we can do it best.

I'll make a visual mood board for you, what it might look like, so you will be inspired. After that, we'll discuss the outfits and accessories for you and your family to make everyone look stylish.

Day of photo session

On the day of the photo session, you'll have professional makeup and hair done in my studio. You'll look amazing because this is a special day, right?)

Imagine this day as a visit to a SPA where there is no rush, even if you are with children, but only pleasure, beauty, and comfort. Aromatic coffee, chocolate, or a glass of champagne - why not?)

Posing and photographing

Shooting is perhaps the most exciting moment, especially with children, but don't worry; I’ll guide you and help you with posing. Your beautiful smiles and tenderness - that's what is much more important.

viewing and ordering appointment

The most long-awaited day is to see your beautiful pictures, right?)

In this meeting, I will help you choose your best portraits and the final product so your art will be displayed at your home in the best manner.

already looking forward to this session?

Contact me to discuss more details.

I look forward to hearing more about you.